Artist in Residence – Joseph Downing

Join us this week (8/4 5-7PM) for an extra special episode of our Artist In Residence series. This week we are featuring one of our very own, Joseph Downing. Joseph is a professional valet here at Brenton in his spare time, when he is not creating evocative, creative art.

In his own words: I began painting roughly two years ago, I do acrylic works on canvas. I do customer commissions on a variety of subjects, I also love to do music and film icons I admire, memorializing them in paintings. It started as a winter time activity, using markers to sort of spend some time constructively, when an artist friend of mine noticed and gifted me some paints and brushes. I started experimenting and now it’s turned into an avenue worth exploring more seriously.  Over the course of the past couple years I have sold and produced many works, and I love seeing and hearing the recipient’s reactions. Painting is something I truly enjoy spending my time on.