Newport Beaches

Beaches of Newport:

Eastons Beach: Easton’s Beach is a beach of many names. You may also have heard it called First Beach or Newport Beach. But whatever its name is, the beach can be found on the strip of land on Easton’s Bay that connects the peninsula named Easton’s Point in Middletown with Newport. This large and easily accessible beach features a snack bar, a carousel and the Save the Bay Aquarium.,

Gooseberry located Ocean Drive. It is a private beach, but also open to the public. The beach is located between Bailey’s Beach and Hazard’s Beach. Gooseberry itself is nestled in a cove, protected by a spit of land and several large boulders roughly 100 feet offshore at high tide, no more than 50 at low tide

Fort Adams This beach is located in Fort Adams State Park at the mouth of the Newport Harbor. Visitors to Fort Adams State Park can enjoy saltwater swimming, fishing, and boating. In the summer, the park hosts a variety of concerts and music festivals. You will also find sports fields, the Museum of Yachting, and a sailing facility.

King Park Beach: King Park, sometimes called Newport Harbor Park, is a narrow strip of land that has fantastic views of Newport Harbor, Fort Adams and even the Newport Bridge. During the summer the waters of Newport are filled with huge and impressive sailboats and yachts and the park is usually packed with people just enjoying the views.
Besides the great natural attraction, the park also has some benches, picnic tables, a baseball field, and a bandstand and rotunda