Autumn Flavor

Fall is in the air! As a Chef, I love a good fall recipe and this Pumpkin Soup is no exception. I am sharing this recipe with you so you can enjoy a seasonal specialty at your house!

Pumpkin Soup

2 medium pumpkins

2 bunches leeks, chopped

4 T. butter

Chicken stock or water, as needed

1/2 tsp. nutmeg

salt and white pepper to taste

2 cups heavy cream

French bread croutons

Parmesan cheese, freshly grated

fresh parsley and chives, chopped

Cut lids out of the pumpkins and remove the seeds and stringy stuff,

as if preparing a jack-o-lantern. Cut one of the pumpkins into two

inch chunks, leaving the skin on, and leave the other one whole. It will

serve as the tureen.

Melt the butter in a stock pot and add the leeks. Cover and cook

gently for 3 minutes, until soft but not browned. Add the pumpkin

chunks, and chicken stock or water to just cover the pumpkin. Season

to taste with salt and white pepper. Partially cover and simmer for

about 30 minutes, or until the pumpkin is very tender, then puree.

If you are serving the soup later, it can be chilled and reheated.

About an hour before serving time, brush the whole pumpkin shell with

olive oil and place it in a 400ยบ oven. In about 45 minutes it will turn a

dark orange and begin to show hints of browning. Take it out at this

point. Do not let the pumpkin get too soft or it will collapse, and

won’t be a good tureen.

Reheat the soup, stir in the cream, check the seasoning, and pour into

the hot pumpkin shell. Float croutons on top, sprinkle with freshly

grated Parmesan, and herbs, and carry the pumpkin to the table amid

pomp and ceremony with much cheering.