The end of tennis in Newport?

In July 2024, it seems possible that the historic grass courts of the International Tennis Hall of Fame will play host to their last-ever professional tennis match. The license to the tournament has been sold, and with other tournaments reluctant to give up their tournament licenses, it seems professional Tennis may never reappear in Newport.

For die-hard tennis fans, there is something to look forward to, however. While the tournament will not continue in its current form, rumors are that the annual men’s tournament will be replaced with two semi-professional tournaments, one connected with the ATP and the other with the WTA, bringing women’s tennis to the Hall of Fame for the first time.

With less to focus on with the tournament, the Hall of Fame has implied it will put significantly more resources into the facility itself. There are already renovations being done on the museum. The ITHF also plans on putting a lot more emphasis on the annual induction ceremony, now planning on using it as a stand alone event rather than tied to their annual tennis tournament. This is big news for anyone who remembers that in only a few years, the induction will include two first-ballot Hall of Famers in Roger Federer of Switzerland and Serena Williams of the United States.

While the future of professional tennis is unclear at the hallowed grounds of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, it is as good a time as any to remember and reflect on the history that has happened there in its near 150 year existence. Although its future looks drastically different from its past, The mecca of tennis still stands as a testament to the game, ready to celebrate and honor the game that means so much to so many, as well as the players who have transcended the game and become legends, enshrined forever as Hall of Farmers.